My aim is to reconnect humans and nature


Food, art

and science.

Using experimental psychology, multisensory science, human-centered design, culinary art and ritual to foster community and human development.

Using art and science - I’ve published over 12 papers in science journals on multisensory perception, co-created a multisensory VR experience, and invented a spoon that enhances flavours of creamy foods.


social innovation.

At the intersection of community and social innovation, I’ve helped design a sustainable village project, founded an artistic movement inspired by total art and cross-disciplinary collaboration, directed events for hundreds of young leaders in Kenya, Europe and South America.



I have given over 30 talks on the future of food and eating, on stages such as The Royal Society, The Royal Institution, Tech conferences, and TEDxHackney and TEDxMogadishu.

At the intersection of science, art, community and entrepreneurship,
my aim is to inspire solutions for important challenges
in the relationship between humans, and nature.